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Finding the perfect chat solution for your website

One of the biggest mistake in choosing a chat solution is that people don't work on their target audience. Ability to add chat solution on website is always a plus,however choosing the right one is what makes your business standout than the others.
 There are many factors that influence your decision of choosing the right chat solution for you:

  1. Your hosting platform.
  2. Budget.
  3. Web developer.
  4. Target audience.
  5. Customer behavior.
Unfortunately most people just think of the budget and nothing else. This is the BIGGEST pitfall. You get monkeys if you give peanuts. With today's age where the world has become a global village and you have access to every developer in the world through freelancing websites, it has become a major issue of choosing the right guy for the right job.

Developer can quote an amount that in reality you would have paid in one hour to a professional firm. You are losing you time and money both in this case.

What you should be doing is to keep the customer first. Don't just resort to chat solution that will stay offline all the time. If your customer has clicked on the chat bubble then it is your chance to convert that click into revenue. Don't lose that customer. Give them what they want.
Now the question is how to do that. Answer is ENGAGEMENT. Talk to you clients so that you resolve their query as quickly as possible. Obviously you are the owner of the business, you designed it, you know how it ticks so you have the ability to help your customer, but do you want to receive all the message request from your clients, do you have that much time? do you have money to set up a call center? If any of the answer is no then you need a chat solution that engages with the customer on your behalf. is the answer you are looking for. It helps you create bots that create an experience just like an IVR so that your customer is satisfied when they leave you website. Most important thing to note is that you don't need to involve in any of the request. will engage with your clients on your behalf .

It will leave an everlasting impact on your clients. Your website will look more professional, robust and your clients will be able to find what they are after quickly while you don't spend any time on customer queries. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Do let me know in the comment sections if you have any questions.


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